Benefits for Patients

AaYou creates & establishes a connect with trust,
and continuity as milestones for treatment & wellness of the patient.

You get the highest standard of wellness information,
with latest & routine updates from your doctor.

You get the right time information,
just to avoid any Out of Control situations.

You are Guided

Know your Health progress during and post medication with
an easy to follow schedules without the enormous Paper files.

Keep Connected

A good connect with the doctor & wellness team for
24x7 support for priority queries in between appointments.

How It works !

Download the AaYou App on your Phone and Computer.

You Signup with AaYou !

Connect With The Doctor

Connect With The Diagnostic Lab

Connect With The Chemist

Donate Any Unused Medicines.

AaYou shall send these Important Medicines to the Needy.

Get Good wishes from UnKnown People.

Earn Guaranteed Rewards & Coupons from Free Redemption on AaYou.