Creating Patient's Delight & Experience.

SeamLess Experience

Get Diagnostic Reports Direct from Labs.

Save Time by avoiding Repeat Appointments.

Guide Patients with Prescription.

Revise Prescriptions Online.

Prescription Templates for Ease of Information on Side effect of Most Medicines.

Benefits for Doctors

Share a bond and view patient status in easy secure system.

Get insights of Patient profiles & help prevent rush hour visits or excessive phone calls.

Help patient to prevent adversities.

Enjoy! Higher referrals from happy satisfied patients with rise in Online profile.

Manage & Control Clinical Risks

Identify and support at-risk patients

Controls cancellation rates

AaYou , supports the plan, monitors the progress, links the teams, sets the reminders, informs and teaches the patient.

How It works !

Download the AaYou App on your Phone and Computer.

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